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On my own

I just hit submit on an airline ticket to New Hampshire for a conference. The event will actually kick off a week-long family vacation on the east coast, but not until I’ve flown out there and attended the conference for … Continue reading

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Gleek Retreat in Review

My husband, and most of my family for that matter, thinks I’m weird. I mean, I go online and read blogs written by moms. What could they possibly have to say that could be so captivating? I’m sure they think I’m … Continue reading

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Going Dutch

Today begins Gleek Retreat in Holland, Mich. I’m excited about all the things I can learn here, but also slighty realistic at the same time. The conference I attend are always fantastic. The presenters are pretty good, but I’m always … Continue reading

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Road Tripping

This week, I read a post from Nikki Stephan about taking road trips. It came at the perfect time for me. May 6 and 7 I took a road trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana with my sister-in-law for a digital gospel conference at … Continue reading

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Finding Inspiration

From the heart of Detroit, I felt inspired. From the the heart of this building, I felt motivated. From this guy, this guy, and plenty of others, I felt educated. I met, I connected, I spoke the language I speak … Continue reading

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