More About Me

I’ve always been interested in the written word. Even when I was younger, I would make newspapers, write short stories and send my friends the longest letters in the world (yeah, life before e-mail and blogs). After high school, I assumed I’d be a teacher, mostly because I didn’t know what there was out there for me. I had no idea what I could be. It was an elective in college that led me to journalism.

I had a great time in that first journalism class and decided that I could probably do that. The more classes I took, the more I knew this was the best fit. But I also had an interest in technology: using social media for marketing and storytelling, blogging and more. At that time, there weren’t classes about that. It was just all about self-teaching. I used, I read, I immersed myself in the world. I got an internship that sort of used it. I got a job that used it more. And now it’s what I do. I write with technology. I market with technology. I live it.

So, why would I want to write and use all of those tools at home? It’s simple: I love it. Writing for a company or someone else’s website isn’t mine. They aren’t my thoughts or feelings. I wanted to do something that was my own. I need the creative outlet of taking pictures, writing and expressing thoughts just to feel like myself. I started the blog because I need to feel like I am writing for an audience, even though I have no idea if I have one.

I’ve learned that blogs in a purpose and a focus. My purpose and my focus to be share what works for me, share things I’ve been through and post information about things I’m interested in. It’s not one specific thing. It is about finding my blog.


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