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Wordful Wednesday: More than just paintings

A few weeks ago, I went to the Detroit Institute of Art for a photowalk. I was thinking “taking pictures of pictures? yikes.” But I realized after I was in the museum that it wasn’t just full of two-dimensional art. … Continue reading

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Wordful Wednesday-Play Ball!

My Wordful Wednesday today is brought to you by the idea of Mrs. Weber. She inspired me. The photos are old, but still adorable. When my oldest daughter was seven months old, my husband got four tickets to a Tiger … Continue reading

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Wordful Wednesday: Caffeination Nation

I know some people who can barely function without a cup of coffee in the morning. I know others who can chug back bottles of Diet Coke without batting an eye. Whereas I have two sips of anything caffeinated and … Continue reading

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Wordful Wednesday: Sisters

I didn’t have a sister. Through marriage, I have gained four sisters-in-law, but they all have sisters. I’ve been able to watch these sisters interact, fight, make-up, strengthen their bonds over time and distance and envy that built-in- best friend … Continue reading

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