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Colliding Worlds

I am a bit of a technology nut. Okay, that’s actually a huge understatement. Let’s just say “I like me some gadgets!” If I wasn’t married with two children and a mortgage, I’d be all over buying the newest products … Continue reading

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Crafting: End of the year goody bags

My daughter had a really weird first year of preschool. Her classes started with nine kids and, slowly, throughout the year, it trickled down to four. Of the remaining four, only three come on a semi-regular basis and most of … Continue reading

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Temporarily hearing impaired

Several weeks ago, we found out our youngest daughter, who suffers from chronic ear infections, was just not hearing correctly.This week, we finally may have nipped the problem in the bud. With a few ear tubes, we are pretty sure … Continue reading

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The dreams that come

Last night, as I wrote in my last post, I was away from home. I was in a hotel, a quiet room and nice comfy sheets. I was looking forward to getting a full night’s sleep. Wrong. I slept horribly, … Continue reading

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And the guilt sets in

I’m sitting on a bed in hotel two states away from my sleeping children and my husband. Everyone is in a differe place. My husband is at our house. Our children are with my parents. I’m here getting ready for … Continue reading

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