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Summer Projects

This summer was supposed to be about all the projects we could get done around the house, since our children were finally more self-entertained and we could work on bigger projects without having to worry about nursing and separation anxiety. … Continue reading

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On my own

I just hit submit on an airline ticket to New Hampshire for a conference. The event will actually kick off a week-long family vacation on the east coast, but not until I’ve flown out there and attended the conference for … Continue reading

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Keeping love young

When my husband and I first started dating, it was a giant secret. He was a professional dater, and I was fresh out of a three-year, mostly-serious relationship. We were cautious and we didn’t want anyone to know. I think … Continue reading

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Trial and Error: Chicken and spinach quesadillas

Two nights a week, my husband is not home for dinner so I cook for me and the kids and a leftover plate for him. It’s hard to motivate myself to cook something really involved. I want to throw something … Continue reading

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Colliding Worlds

I am a bit of a technology nut. Okay, that’s actually a huge understatement. Let’s just say “I like me some gadgets!” If I wasn’t married with two children and a mortgage, I’d be all over buying the newest products … Continue reading

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Temporarily hearing impaired

Several weeks ago, we found out our youngest daughter, who suffers from chronic ear infections, was just not hearing correctly.This week, we finally may have nipped the problem in the bud. With a few ear tubes, we are pretty sure … Continue reading

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Wordful Wednesday-Play Ball!

My Wordful Wednesday today is brought to you by the idea of Mrs. Weber. She inspired me. The photos are old, but still adorable. When my oldest daughter was seven months old, my husband got four tickets to a Tiger … Continue reading

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