Wordful Wednesday: More than just paintings

A few weeks ago, I went to the Detroit Institute of Art for a photowalk. I was thinking “taking pictures of pictures? yikes.” But I realized after I was in the museum that it wasn’t just full of two-dimensional art. It’s so much more. And also, while I thought I hated contemporary art, I had the most fun photographing in that area.

I was always fearful of taking my young child to the DIA out of bordem, but I think they could handle it if we visit the right areas. Though I might be afraid of my youngest picking up parts of the contemporary art. There was a lot to see. From statues to armor to the big Detroit Industry mural, the museum has a lot to offer for all ages. I went there several times in school and I felt unimpressed, but I think it was because it was a forced trip and I wasn’t looking at the right things. And certainly, I wasn’t exploring it with my camera. Being behind the lens gave me the opportunity to see things I might otherwise not have cared about: placing, spacing, lighting, technique.

Next time, I’ll give myself more time to visit the sections I didn’t get to see this time and hopefully I’ll learn to appreciate other forms of art as well.
DIA Photowalk-186
DIA Photowalk-189
DIA Photowalk-193
DIA Photowalk-197
DIA Photowalk-201
DIA Photowalk-209
DIA Photowalk-212
DIA Photowalk-221
DIA Photowalk-225
At least she doesn't have a tattoo I guess
DIA Photowalk-256
Excuse me, Mr. Warhol
DIA Photowalk-283
DIA Photowalk-297
DIA Photowalk-308
DIA Photowalk-322

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3 Responses to Wordful Wednesday: More than just paintings

  1. aimee says:

    Beautiful art & great pictures!!

  2. Elena says:

    Awesome shots! I probably would’ve had more pictures to show if I hadn’t taken the toddler. 😉 I love the one of that iron gate that ‘s in the Rivera hall. I think I may need to go back and do a photowalk there again!

  3. Mrs. Weber says:

    I tried to comment on this last week and it wouldn’t let me…but it’s all good now 🙂
    I could spend days at the DIA looking at everything. I love the mask and feet shots, but all are beautiful. Great job!

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