Gleek Retreat in Review

My husband, and most of my family for that matter, thinks I’m weird. I mean, I go online and read blogs written by moms. What could they possibly have to say that could be so captivating? I’m sure they think I’m wasting my time. And when I blog, I know they think I’m foolish for putting myself out there, even though there is stuff I hold back. But after Gleek Retreat, I can say with absolutely certainty that I am not alone. There is a community of people just like me, and I’m happy to be apart of it.

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to check in. And hello happy swag bag. I have to thank the sponsors of Gleek Retreat so much for the amazing goodies: Therapon Skin HealthBISSELL RentalMabel’s LabelsGood Life GranolaIsland Girl BagsRudy Kazoody’s and Rogers Jewelers. After getting the swag, I found a seat and the conference began.

I met amazing people, who were just blogging to write about their child with an incurable disease or their life after losing their spouse, which is what my husband thinks they all do.

Lisa J. Lehmann spoke to us about running her jewlery business, Studio Jewel, online. We heard from Sylvia Hubbard about being an author and promoting yourself online. She told us about resources for getting the word out there about blogs. Brittany Gibbons and Heather Spohr talked to us about collaborative blogging. Katie Kimball gave us information on writing and publishing e-books. Cynthia gave us information on blog designs and Kris Kain talked about using photos with blogs. Then Sandy Jenney and Andrea Dekker wrapped it up by talking about organization.Phew.

I met moms who blogged about savvy shopping. I talked to moms who blogged about their personal lives. I spoke to bloggers who are out there trying to help other people with weight loss, living naturally or even with post-partum depression.

Blogging isn’t just about posting pictures of my family and calling it a day. Blogging is about sharing my feelings and what works for me with other people who might be in my shoes. To me, it’s about being able to connect to others who are just like me. Their blogs give me the opportunity to seek them out, learn more about what they do and connect with them outside of the blog as well.

So, what did I take away? I’m not alone. There are other weirdos just like me out there. And, actually, we’re a lot of fun. And when we are done with the day, we post pictures, write stories and basically get to keep journals of our lives and our experiences for the rest of you to read.

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