It’s the little things


We arrived in Holland for Gleek Retreat on Friday afternoon. The conference didn’t start until Saturday so my road trip crew (my mom and daughters) and I took in some shopping and food in the downtown area. Aside from being an incredibly beautiful city, this town has some neat little shops! But it was in one store, in a very unassuming little bowl on the counter that I found my best purchase.


I’ve always like the little buttons I see on backpacks, satchels and camera bags. I’m really fond of the “I love Flickr” buttons that I’ve seen, but I’ve never really found a place where I can sort through them and found some really cute things.

So this store Model Drug Store and Apathacary Gift Shop had a bunch of different stuff. I really wanted to get some magnets and possibly start my own little magnet scrapbook page at my house. They were everywhere in the stores here and quite adorable. So I picked out some magnets, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy them because they were small and I had to remind my one-year-old not to stick them in her mouth several times. I was nervous about putting them on my fridge and her trying to eat them.

As I was strolling by the counter to check out, I found this bowl full of fun, awesome little buttons and they were $1 each. I loaded up. I bought several for myself and my sisters-in-law and one for my dad. This little $7 was the best thing I did all day. Better than the burger I had at the Irish pub and definitely better than the way my feet felt after walking around the town.

Anyone know where I can get anymore cool little buttons like these for cheap? Do you have any? What are your favorites?

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2 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Mrs. Weber says:

    I also always fall victim to little buttons in fun shops. I love looking at all the sayings on them. Definitely try for more button fun. Hope you enjoyed the Gleek Retreat – hope I can attend next year!

  2. vonmachc says:

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog! That’s so awesome you went to Holland for a blogging conference, I wish I could have gone. Great post! I also have a fashion blog as well @ Thanks again!

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